Burlap Ribbon

Ever received a gift wrapped with a burlap ribbon? Maybe no one has ever thought of using this material as such. But in reality, this ribbon is very elegant and can surpass the traditional types of ribbons. This fabric can also be dyed with different and be cut an inch wide and 12 inches long or more, to make ribbons to be wrapped around gifts that also have the same fabric as a wrapper.

For example, a white burlap fabric is great for weddings and wedding anniversaries. They can be used for wedding invitations, souvenirs, and to the decorations for wedding halls and reception areas. Wedding planners can also use these materials for the bouquet of flowers to be carried on with the bride as she walks down the aisle.

A Burlap ribbon on a gift – perfect combination

burlap ribbon

A gift can be wrapped by a burlap ribbon. And to make it more exceptional, it can be matched with burlap fabric as a wrapper. Yes, this fabric can also be used as gift wrappers too. A cube shaped box that has the dimension of perfect 10 inches in width, length, and in height can be wrapped with a this fabric that is white in color that has 15 or 20 inches width and length resembling a square. Put the box at the center then pull the corners of the fabric on top of the box and tie them on with a red or pink ribbon. Surely, the person who will receive the gift would feel that he or she is very special because in so many incidents, the wrapper also matters when it comes to gift giving.

Besides, since the wrapper is already special, they will assume that the gift inside the box is way much better. Plus, the thought of the giver have exerted too much effort in giving a gift to someone is enough to touch the heart of the one who will receive it.

On buying a burlap ribbon for gifts

burlap ribbon giftRibbons from burlap fabric are available in many arts and crafts stores everywhere. They are even available online if one is keen in finding a very dependable specialty store for art projects. The good part is most of them are offering very low prices for these items especially if one is going to buy so many. They also give big discounts and even free delivery. In weddings for example, white ribbons are needed extensively to finish so many invitations and souvenirs. The soon to be bride and grooms can get a huge savings if they chooses to order in bulk.

Today, many people are trying everything they can to save money and going back to traditional materials in making arts and crafts is the best way to do it. Since it is better to give than to receive, those who will provide gifts should always feel the happiness by giving their best efforts in making their gifts extra special

And the best way to do that is making the gift wrappers wonderfully done and treating every detail very much enticing by adding up special ribbons on top of these precious gifts. And with that, a burlap ribbon can definitely change the way a person look at a gift.

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